Ice Cream (1 Ingredient – 2 steps :D)

I hope the title was interesting enough to draw you into the post! Yaaaay! The weather is really hot here and I have been craving for something like say cold smoothie or milkshake or even ice cream. I know ice cream is like an indulgence and I crave for it once or twice a week :P. (Needed to seriously come up with something to satisfy my sweet tooth!). So I really wanted to find out what goes into an ice cream to find out how bad it actually is – you know how much more I would have to put off my healthy eating plans by! I saw a lot of home made ice cream recipes that called for sweetened condensed milk and heavy whipping cream :D. Way out of league to feature two times a week on my menu!

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As usual I researched for “healthy” ice cream! And there were so many hits! But then again, until you go through the ingredient list you don’t really know what is featured as healthy now-a-days. But to my good luck, all of the recipes used one ingredient as the base! Wow!! So this recipe here is not my own. I do not know whom to give credit to- because I opened so many blogs and checked peoples results before actually believing this could work! Any way a big thank you to whoever first tried this and shared the recipe :). I am still sharing how I prepared this ice cream here just as a place holder for me to refer back! And also because I had to share the lovely pics!

P.S. I am sure most people will scroll down right to the ingredients like me for an ice cream recipe 🙂


  1. 4 medium ripe bananas
Preparation Time:   5 min                   
Cooking Time: Nil
Servings: 2


  1. Cut the banana into slices. Place it in a box in the freezer for a few hours. (I froze it overnight).
  2. After freezing, take it out. If the banana is stuck do not worry! Let it defrost a little (Not too much!). Add it to a mixer/blender and blend it till you get a creamy texture. Refreeze this to set a little in the freezer and then it is ready to serve with your favorite toppings!
  3. You can go creative and add frozen strawberries or blueberries, you can add in some dried dates or figs while blending to get a whole bunch of naturally sweet healthy ice creams!


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