French Toast (No eggs!)

Being a vegetarian (Plus no eggs 🙂 ) person, I have never had french toast! But somehow the name always made me think of something delicious and mouth watering! I actually had no clue how this looks or how it is prepared.. So I looked at some recipes and found that this is quite simply bread dipped in a egg mixture before being toasted! So quickly I had to check if the egg was really really necessary or there was some way to do it differently. And thankfully there is :). Read more to find out! Again a placeholder recipe because the idea did not dawn upon me that this could be an alternate to the usual French toast :P. Anyway I have tried it twice for break fast and every time the taste has come out well. I think this is different than the usual bread and butter or bread and jam breakfast! Quite a change actually 😀

IMG-20150816-WA0011 IMG-20150816-WA0003


  1. 2 medium bananas
  2. 1/4 cup milk
  3. 6 bread slices ( I used whole grain ones.)
  4. 1 tsp of oil for toasting the bread
Preparation Time:   5 min                   
Cooking Time: 10 min
Servings: 3


  1. Take a mixing bowl. Peel the bananas. Chop roughly and add to bowl. Use a spoon to mash it completely. You don’t want any lumps. Add milk little at a time till you get a thick batter like consistency.
  2. Take a skillet and heat it. Spread very little oil on it. Meanwhile cut the bread slices in half. I generally cut the bread in half before toasting because it is easier to cook!
  3. Dip the cut bread slices in the banana mixture for a few seconds. Do it for both the sides. Then place it on the skillet and cook on medium heat. You might see the banana mixture stick a little to the skillet. No worries! Use a spatula to just remove the browned mixture on the sides. Cook on both sides. Your pan will look a little messy but the yummy banana taste gets right into the bread and you can feel it in every bite!
  4. Repeat for all the slices. Serve hot!
  5. I have not added any sugar to the banana mixture because I don’t like something too sweet for breakfast! You could add sugar to taste. You can also add some flavoring like vanilla essence or cardamom powder. Also you can serve with some honey on top or some fresh fruit or berries 🙂


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