Chocolate Microwave Mugcake using Oats and naturally sweetened with Dates

Portion control! The much overlooked concept especially in holiday/festive season 🙂 Eat in moderation – alas the words are so simple, but so difficult to follow, especially when all around you all you can see are mouth watering desserts at pot lucks and family dinners! And you know it is quite hard to get out of the holiday mood for a while – I generally have a bunch of snacks/sweets left over for a week. Even after that, it does take a lot of will power to get back to routine 😀


Anyway, I have a recipe here that should ease the struggle to get back to routine a little 😉 I have said mug cake, but actually I used small bowls to make these individual serving cakes. Some specialities – It is microwaveable (Quicker and easier), smaller serving bowls naturally enforces portion control, oats make you feel full quicker (from my experience) and this cake uses dates as a sweetener instead of refined sugar! Win-Win 🙂






  1. 1 tbsp date syrup (See Notes)
  2. 4 tbsp skim milk (You can use 1% or 2% or whole milk)
  3. 1 tsp flavorless oil
  4. 2 tsp cocoa powder
  5. 4 tsp oats flour (See Notes)
  6. fat pinch of baking powder
  7. tiny pinch of salt
  8. few slivered almond pieces to top the cake
Preparation Time:  5 min
Cooking Time: 1 min
Servings: 1 small bowl cake        


  1. Add the date syrup to the bowl. Add milk and oil too. Mix everything well with a spoon.
  2. To this add all the dry ingredients from 4-7. Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients well so that there are no lumps. Sprinkle some almonds on top.
  3. Microwave the cake batter for 30 sec. Check and microwave each time adding 15 sec more. (In my microwave setting I needed 1 min). If a knife inserted comes out clean – you know the cake is done.
  4. You can repeat the process for as many cakes as you like!


  1. I used readily available date syrup – if you can’t find those, you can make a date sauce and use it. For this, soak about 8-10 mejdool dates in warm water for an hour and then blend it really smooth with very little water or milk. Depending on the consistency of your sauce, adjust your wet ingredients for the cake.
  2. I used oats flour – if you can’t find it, you can powder regular rolled oats in the mixer. (I have personally not tried it, you can search online for the best method to make oats flour)


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