Microwave Savory Oats Stir-Fry (Oats Upma)

Back after a break from Thanksgiving! Whenever I travel it is harder to eat healthy – so I was thinking of something easy that I can put together and prepare in a microwave. This recipe is perfect for that. All you need is a few basic ingredients and breakfast will be ready in minutes. This is the answer to busy weekday no-time-for-breakfast issue 🙂 🙂


Oats is great for breakfast – it has a lot of fibre and keeps you full through the morning. Another great thing is that you can pretty much flavour oats with anything – it picks it up well! I am personally not so fond of sweet oatmeal for breakfast and prefer this savory version. I have used  basic spices like cumin powder and red chilli powder – you can play around and use whatever suits your taste!




Microwave Savory Oats Stir-Fry (Oats Upma)

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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  1. 4 tbsp oats
  2. 4 tbsp water
  3. 2 tbsp mixed vegetables (I used some carrots and peas – feel free to use whatever you like!)
  4. 1/4 tsp salt
  5. 1/8 tsp red chilli powder
  6. 1/8 tsp cumin powder
  7. a pinch of turmeric
  8. a dash of lemon juice (optional)


  1. In a microwaveable mug or bowl, add water, veggies, salt and spices and microwave for 1 min 30 seconds on highest power.
  2. Once the water is hot, add the oats and mix. If you feel it is very dry – sprinkle a little water. Let the oats sit for 2-3 mins for it to fluff up well. Just before serving, add some lemon juice. Mix well, microwave for 30 seconds and serve hot!


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