Green Beans, almond and coconut stuffed paratha (Indian Flatbread)

It has been a while since I posted some nice flatbread recipe! But then there are a couple of recipes coming your way soon 😀 I love trying out different flatbreads/parathas because not only are they easy to make but also quite filling. And you can practically be as creative as you want with the filling – go all the way from sweet ones to savory ones and downright spicy fillings. And if you are looking to sneak some healthy stuff for fussy eaters – this is the path to take 🙂


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Moong Dal And Onions Stuffed Indian Flatbread or Paratha

Parathas are so versatile! You can make the filling in so many different delicious ways and it is a definite crowd pleaser. Aloo parathas (parathas or flatbreads stuffed with potato) served hot with some yogurt or pickle is a traditional breakfast in so many homes! But I am not here to talk about that 😉 This is another tasty, filling and delicious paratha where I have used moong dal (lentils), onions and mild Indian spices to prepare the stuffing. It definitely increases the protein content of the dish, don’t you think?


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Gram flour Stuffed pancake (Besan cheela/Eggless omlette?)

I love experimenting with different flours. Like I already mentioned – I love to give everything a chance. Every grain, veggie or fruit has something different. A different flavor, texture, color apart from the nutrition value itself. I am not a nutrition expert, but with the limited knowledge I have gathered from reading, experimenting I try to make some informed choices about what I eat. Again what works for me might not work for some one else! So I guess it all comes back to experimentingIMG_3050 Continue reading

Instant Wheat Flour Uthappam – Indian Stuffed Crepe (Or is it a Pizza? :P)

For the past few weeks, I have not found time to do a lot of heavy cooking. But I have tried a few quick and easy sides that I will update here soon :). I really love cooking and I don’t mind going the extra mile to do it even if I am a little tired, especially if it means I can avoid eating outside. However, I can’t say I love to spend hours on an elaborate recipe at the end of a busy day :D. So this one is a quick recipe and a short post too :P.DSC08003

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