Semiya (Vermicelli) Pudina Pulav – Vermicelli Stir-Fry

Does it feel like you just can’t think of any new breakfast recipes at all? It happens to me so often. I try out a ton of different dishes when I am in the mood to cook, but on some other days, I just can’t seem to decide on anything to cook! So I have now put together a bunch of go-to recipes for those days that I am cranky. These recipes look fancy, taste great and are absolutely easy to put together. Ok, I need to stop mentally ticking off a bunch of check boxes and feeling happy about how this semiya recipe is so perfect for a weekend breakfast! You get my point, right?


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Whole Moong and Spinach Gojju (Coconut-tamarind gravy)

Normally I try out Spinach and split yellow moong together in the form of a simple dal. I wanted to change the routine a bit this time. So instead of going with split moong, I used whole moong. Also instead of a onion-garlic-tomato style of dal, I used a coconut-tamarind spice mixture that is commonly used in South Indian cooking. I ended up with this absolutely delicious side dish!


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Raw Banana (Plantain) Spicy Cracked Wheat ‘Bhaat’

Traditionally Bhaat refers to a spiced rice dish – the exact spices and preparation varies in different parts of India. I love preparing different kinds of “Bhaat”. ย Just by playing around with the veggies and the spices you end up with a whole new dish. I also swap the rice out for different grains! So I end up with a variety of “Bhaats” that I never get bored of ๐Ÿ™‚


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