Spinach Chickpeas (Channa) Foxtail Millet Pilaf

I love making pilafs for weeknight dinners because it is so easy to prepare. In under 30 minutes, you can put a perfectly delicious pilaf together. And the best part is that there are a ton of ways you can innovate with the flavors by using different veggies and grains. Cooking a pilaf is also probably the easiest way to include something healthy in your diet – in any pilaf recipe swap the white rice out for a whole grain such as brown rice, millets or cracked wheat!


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Foxtail Millet (Navane/Korralu/Thennai) Fried ‘Rice’

Veggie Fried Rice – somehow this has become synonymous with street food for me. The expert street vendors in Bangalore quickly whip up batches of fried rice! Actually it is pretty simple to put together and takes less than 30 min to do it at home!  It is a perfect way to sneak in all those nice veggies – especially for fussy eaters. Who won’t eat fried rice for lunch? And dinner! 😀 You can lots of personal variations to this simple recipe and turn it into a family favorite 🙂

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Mexican Quinoa Burrito Bowl

There is something very appealing about a Mexican burrito bowl – there are so many different flavors and colors that come together. For someone new to Mexican cuisine, a burrito bowl is a simple combination of rice, black/pinto beans, veggies and guacamole! All I did here was swap the cilantro lime rice out for quinoa and I had this amazingly healthy, protein rich, super filling brunch/lunch/dinner recipe!  Sometimes, trying out a different cuisine is an amazing way to make a home-cooked meal really interesting! Different spices and cooking styles add in different flavors.


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Broken/Cracked Wheat and Cucumber Pongal – Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Pongal is an absolutely easy one-dish meal that can be put together really quickly, It is wholesome, healthy and  nutritious – Rice and lentils combined with really mild spices like pepper and cumin! I always look to add some whole grains in my diet – and hence I swapped the rice out for the cracked wheat! Believe me, the taste is still amazing! 🙂 Another thing I love to do is sneak in some vegetables – hence I added the cucumber. Now you might ask why cucumber? And there is no specific reason for that – I add in whatever veggies I can such as spinach, tomatoes or anything else I can get a hold of in my refrigerator. I have a quinoa-spinach pongal recipe already up on the blog! Check it out 🙂

Did you know that whole-grains and non-starchy vegetables are some of the best food choices to make to help with diabetes? Learn more about what food choices to make at this page.


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Gorikayi (Guvar) Avalakki/Poha

For a long time Cluster beans or Gorikayi/Guvar was one vegetable that I wouldn’t willingly pick up at the grocery store unless someone forced me to 🙂 It was not that I had had a bad experience with it – on the other hand I had tasted several tasty variants of cluster beans curry. Unfortunately I could never replicate the taste successfully 😛 I have not given up on creating a perfect guvar curry – but for now I definitely have a hands down favorite poha recipe with Guvar 🙂


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