Cracked/Broken Wheat Pudina(Mint) Pilaf

There are a lot of health benefits of incorporating whole grains into one’s diet. High-fiber foods like whole grains provide a feeling of fullness at fewer calories. And the easiest way to use these grains is by substituting in different traditional recipes 🙂 You can find a lot of recipes with oats, cracked wheat and quinoa on my blog – these are all spin-offs of some Indian dish made using rice.


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Cauliflower Upma

Upma is a really popular south Indian breakfast made from cream of wheat (rava). Not only is it easy to make, but it is also quite healthy actually. I know that this is a basic recipe that most people are already familiar with. However, what makes this post different is that I have used a different combination of veggies than what is used traditionally. Most often people put together a quick upma for breakfast with some onions and tomatoes. Another really popular version is one that uses peas, carrots and green beans. However, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to this, right? 🙂


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Oats Pesto Stir Fry

As soon as I think of pesto, the first thing that comes to my mind is sandwiches 😀 I love a good pesto sandwich! Recently I got a jar of pesto from the store and was thinking of some creative ways to use it. And while the thinking was happening, the jar was just sitting on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks! That happens to me quite often! Sometimes when I am shopping for groceries I end up buying something thinking that I am going to use it and then it lies around for a while. A long time ago I hated oats. I still don’t like plain oat meal for breakfast 😀 So back then I would plan to eat healthy and buy a big box of oats but it would just end up sitting on the counter for months and I would never use it! But eventually I did fall in love with oats. Slowly over time. I think most of you can guess that by the number of oats recipes I have up here on the blog! Check out

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Sweet potato and lentil tacos with cabbage and cranberries!

Taco Tuesday! Summer is a long way to go but today is Taco Tuesday, so I have a new Fall Taco recipe here 🙂 I had almost settled on a hearty soup for today before I came up this taco idea – sadly the soup has to wait for a colder winter evening! May be tomorrow? 🙂 I had never given much thought about trying out recipes very specific to a theme before, but trying out these Fall Recipes have sure got me excited!


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