Black bean tofu wrap

I open a can of black beans or chickpeas when I am really short of time and have to put something together real quick! For me anything homemade counts as healthy because when I eat out it is kind of harder to keep track of things! So for unplanned hectic schedules, I keep a can of these beans around to avoid eating out. Similarly, tofu is another thing that I leave in my refrigerator for busy times. You can pretty much add any flavor to tofu and make it interesting in minutes :).


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Oats Stir Fry ( Oats Uppittu or Oats Oggarane or Oats Poha)

I personally found that Upma/Uppittu or Poha have been the top competitors for breakfast for me! It is not that I don’t like other dishes, it is something about the ease of these two dishes that appeals to me! If you have never heard of both these dishes, Upma is a savory dish made with semolina and tempered with spices! Poha is a similar dish prepared with flattened rice. Across India there are several variations of this, although Upma is predominantly popular in the southern states. Served with some spicy chutney, this dish makes a complete meal!


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Quinoa Black Beans Pilaf

This was one of the very first quinoa dishes that I had tried! I think the first dish I tried was peppers stuffed with quinoa which is a little bit more elaborate than this dish! Now coming to this recipe, I think this is one of the quickest dishes to put together and hardly requires any cooking expertise. It is also a recipe that never fails to impress and one that you can experiment with and create a number of variations 🙂

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