Cracked/Broken Wheat Pudina(Mint) Pilaf

There are a lot of health benefits of incorporating whole grains into one’s diet. High-fiber foods like whole grains provide a feeling of fullness at fewer calories. And the easiest way to use these grains is by substituting in different traditional recipes 🙂 You can find a lot of recipes with oats, cracked wheat and quinoa on my blog – these are all spin-offs of some Indian dish made using rice.


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Lentils, Green Beans, Spinach and Broccoli Dry Curry (Bele Palya/Paruppu Usili) – 3 New Ways to Serve

I always try to include veggies in any meal I can. By include, I mean I have a large serving of vegetables. This actually helps me to keep the portion size of the rice/bread in control because I feel so full just with the sides 🙂 Apart from just serving sides with rice, you can get creative and serve it in multiple ways!

Lentils green beans spinach and brocolli dry curry-6_edited

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Warm Broccoli chickpeas and pepper quinoa salad with lemon ginger dressing

Cooking with quinoa is so easy, don’t you think? If you have not yet tried any quinoa recipes, it is not too late to start! You can use it in almost any recipe that calls for rice – think of burritos, mexican bowls, salads, veggie wraps, Indian rice dishes, and even puddings 🙂 No one will know when you sneak in all that nutrition into a traditional recipe by just swapping the rice for quinoa! Personally, my quinoa journey started the same way – I used quinoa instead of rice in all the Indian dishes I knew 😀 😀 Another thing is that if you just have some cooked quinoa on hand, you can put together an amazing weeknight meal in minutes!


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