Black Pepper Cauliflower

The combination of simple spices like black pepper and cumin seeds coarsely ground up add so much flavor to any dish! You don’t need a ton of exotic ingredients to create a nice quick, tasty, wholesome meal. Also with a little creativity you can add a new look-and-feel to any vegetable 🙂 I think this recipe is testimony to both the above statements.

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Cauliflower Upma

Upma is a really popular south Indian breakfast made from cream of wheat (rava). Not only is it easy to make, but it is also quite healthy actually. I know that this is a basic recipe that most people are already familiar with. However, what makes this post different is that I have used a different combination of veggies than what is used traditionally. Most often people put together a quick upma for breakfast with some onions and tomatoes. Another really popular version is one that uses peas, carrots and green beans. However, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to this, right? 🙂


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