Healthy Mango and Oats Pancakes

Being a vegetarian (minus eggs) person, pancakes are again one thing that I can’t have outside 🙁 I knew what needs to be done to whip up a quick batch of eggless pancakes, but somehow I never got around it! And then today I was home all day and the weather was really warm and I wanted ice-cream. So the ever-faithful, absolutely healthy and smashing one-ingredient ice-cream came to my rescue! While the ice-cream was freezing – I thought of having pancakes and ice-cream for lunch 🙂 That is not too bad right – oats, mangoes, bananas and milk!


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Banana Blueberry Muffins (Multigrain, fat-free, eggless)

I am constantly experimenting with flours, butter-substitutes and natural sweeteners in baking. So almost every weekend I end up doing some baking experiments some of which are successful and some just fail! And the recipes that fail go through more changes 😀 You kind of get the drift right? I love baked stuff, but the problem is I hardly get any eggless options, and even if I do, one glance at the ingredient list and nutrition label is enough to make me not buy it! If you have never stopped to check out the ingredients and nutrition label, you should! It makes for quite an interesting way to compare labels and brands when you have too many options at the grocery store!


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