Hara Bhara Kabab with Raw Banana (Plantains)

For as long as I remember, if some restaurant happened to have hara bhara kabab on their menu, I would never miss ordering them. Somehow the color, crunch and taste of these kababs is unbeatable! I have another variant of this Hara Bhara Kabab already on the blog – Check it out!

In this recipe, I have introduced plantains into the recipe. Plantains act like good binding agents and wonderfully complement the other veggies here. I totally skipped the deep frying part and opted to just cook these on a skillet with a little oil. Trust me – these are still as crunchy and tasty as the original kababs. Don’t take my word for it – give this recipe a try! 20 min and you will have this all ready at the dinner table 🙂

Video Recipe below:

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Raw Banana(Plantain) Peel Chutney (South Indian Style)

There are tons of ways to include vegetables in our diet – through all my recipes here on the blog I try to show different variations of some common Indian traditional dishes using a unique combination of veggies and whole grains! I try to use veggies in as many ways as possible – including chutneys! Check out the Chayote Squash(Chow Chow) Chutney and Mint-Cucumber chutney recipes.


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