Cracked/Broken Wheat Pudina(Mint) Pilaf

There are a lot of health benefits of incorporating whole grains into one’s diet. High-fiber foods like whole grains provide a feeling of fullness at fewer calories. And the easiest way to use these grains is by substituting in different traditional recipes 🙂 You can find a lot of recipes with oats, cracked wheat and quinoa on my blog – these are all spin-offs of some Indian dish made using rice.


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Hesarebele Saagu (Vegetables and Moong Dal in a mild mint gravy)

Saagu is a traditional dish from south India in which vegetables are cooked in a coconut-cilantro gravy. This is a small twist of that recipe. I add moong dal or lentils while making saagu to pack in some protein and make the dish more filling. I don’t like a lot of coconut so I cut down on it. And I add some mint as it gives such a unique flavor to the cooked veggies and lentils. You can add any veggies of your choice – I generally use green beans, chayote squash (chow chow), green peas, carrots and kohlrabi (knolkol) 🙂  This is a one pot meal! I love those! They are easy to cook and also involve very little clean up! This dish works as a great side dish but if you are a veggie lover like me, then you would probably eat it like a main course stew 🙂 The only prep work that this dish requires is vegetable chopping!


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5 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Inspite of this being the most common piece of health advice one would ever receive, a lot of people are are too busy to plan for a good breakfast. There is a lot of research that has even linked having a good breakfast to maintaining a healthy body weight – so there is even more incentive to give this topic some thought now!

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