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5 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Inspite of this being the most common piece of health advice one would ever receive, a lot of people are are too busy to plan for a good breakfast. There is a lot of research that has even linked having a good breakfast to maintaining a healthy body weight – so there is even more incentive to give this topic some thought now!

I have compiled some great breakfast recipes from the blog here! I think there is a lot of scope to be creative with breakfasts and you can easily adapt recipes to suit the needs of your family 🙂 This is a great way to include some vegetables and whole grains in your lifestyle!

Click the images below to get the full recipes!


Mexican breakfast!!! 😀 Yumm! This recipe is a great way to kickstart the day. You can chop the vegetables in advance or even prepare the filling before! Then all you need to do is heat it up and assemble the quesadillas. A hot, savory healthy breakfast can be put together in less than 10 minutes! Opt for whole wheat tortillas to add that extra healthy punch and keep you energized through the morning 🙂



If you are a sandwich person, then this recipe will be perfect for you! Instead of regular cream cheese sandwich, opt for this healthier version. The yogurt packs in all the protein you need to start the morning and you can add in your favorite vegetables too 😀 Another make-ahead recipe. Toast you favorite bread, spread this and you are ready to go! For busy people, this is also a great grab-and-go option 🙂


This is popularly known as Eggless omelette! Another protein packed savory vegan recipe 🙂 This is a really easy pancake that you can put together quickly. This is also pretty filling and can be a great brunch too! This is best served straight off the pan 🙂


Instead of oatmeal, opt for this savory breakfast for a change 🙂 This is a mildly spiced stir fry of oats and vegetables that is a spin-off of a popular Indian breakfast. Again, a pretty filling breakfast that provides all the nutrition you need. You can experiment with the flavors to adapt this recipe to your taste!


An easy crepe recipe that combines healthy flours with avocado! Yaay! You can stuff this with any filling of your choice or opt for a chutney on the side! Also check out Mint Cucumber Chutney  and Chayote Squash/ChowChow Chutney for some nice chutney ideas. This crepe is definitely a new way to include avocado for breakfast 🙂


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