Whole Moong and Spinach Gojju (Coconut-tamarind gravy)

Normally I try out Spinach and split yellow moong together in the form of a simple dal. I wanted to change the routine a bit this time. So instead of going with split moong, I used whole moong. Also instead of a onion-garlic-tomato style of dal, I used a coconut-tamarind spice mixture that is commonly used in South Indian cooking. I ended up with this absolutely delicious side dish!


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Raw Banana (Plantain) Spicy Cracked Wheat ‘Bhaat’

Traditionally Bhaat refers to a spiced rice dish – the exact spices and preparation varies in different parts of India. I love preparing different kinds of “Bhaat”.  Just by playing around with the veggies and the spices you end up with a whole new dish. I also swap the rice out for different grains! So I end up with a variety of “Bhaats” that I never get bored of🙂


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Karibevina Thambuli (Curry Leaf in a mildly spiced coconut-yogurt gravy)

I know what you might be thinking, curry leaf gravy – won’t that be bitter? Let’s just say that the combination of black pepper, cumin, coconut and yogurt along with the curry leaves, just balances out all the flavors. My favorite part of this recipe, is that there is less than 5 minutes of cooking involved!


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Spinach Chickpeas (Channa) Foxtail Millet Pilaf

I love making pilafs for weeknight dinners because it is so easy to prepare. In under 30 minutes, you can put a perfectly delicious pilaf together. And the best part is that there are a ton of ways you can innovate with the flavors by using different veggies and grains. Cooking a pilaf is also probably the easiest way to include something healthy in your diet – in any pilaf recipe swap the white rice out for a whole grain such as brown rice, millets or cracked wheat!


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