Avocado Butternut Squash Chaat/Snack

I prepared this dish a few weeks back and even took pictures, but I have been so busy with work that I haven’t found the time to publish it at all. You might be wondering that you have never heard of this dish before! And you are absolutely right πŸ™‚ Like most recipes on my blog,Β  most of these recipes result from my experimentation in the kitchen. So if you like creative healthy Indian recipes, stay tuned for more recipes!


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Zucchini Channa Poriyal/Palya/Subzi

Living in a small town, I don’t have access to a lot of Indian veggies. But that is kind of good actually, once I get over my initial reaction of – ” Oh my god! The same vegetables again this week!” I have to genuinely try to cook veggies differently to stop myself from getting bored of the same food πŸ˜€Β Last week that repeat vegetable was zucchini – hence this recipe is up on the blog!


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Nucchina Unde or Nuchinunde (Steamed Indian Lentil Dumplings) – Healthiest Snack!

A couple of days ago, I was craving some snack in the evening. It was raining and the weather was perfect to sip some coffee and have something yummy! So I put together this nucchina unde πŸ˜› And I managed to take a video of it too! Now you guys don’t have any excuse to not try it out.

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Spinach curry with coconut gravy (Soppina Kayi Sasive Gojju)

Spinach is an absolutely versatile vegetable, right? You can puree it into a delicious soup or throw it into pasta or rice to get a ton of flavor or you can cook up a delicious curry or make some healthy salad! Every week, I pick up a box of spinach and have it handy around the kitchen. One of my absolute favorite ways to use spinach is in the form of a curry. This spinach curry with coconut and tamarind is a real easy dish to put together. These kind of easy recipes help me get through a busy week πŸ™‚

Spinach Curry with Coconut Gravy

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