Broken/Cracked Wheat and Cucumber Pongal – Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Pongal is an absolutely easy one-dish meal that can be put together really quickly, It is wholesome, healthy and  nutritious – Rice and lentils combined with really mild spices like pepper and cumin! I always look to add some whole grains in my diet – and hence I swapped the rice out for the cracked wheat! Believe me, the taste is still amazing! 🙂 Another thing I love to do is sneak in some vegetables – hence I added the cucumber. Now you might ask why cucumber? And there is no specific reason for that – I add in whatever veggies I can such as spinach, tomatoes or anything else I can get a hold of in my refrigerator. I have a quinoa-spinach pongal recipe already up on the blog! Check it out 🙂

Did you know that whole-grains and non-starchy vegetables are some of the best food choices to make to help with diabetes? Learn more about what food choices to make at this page.


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Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds & Raw Mango Kosambari/Salad

Kosambari means salad in Kannada, a south-Indian language. There are several variations of kosambari – using finely chopped cucumber, grated carrot, or sprouted mung beans. The seasoning for all these salads are the same – some freshly grated coconut, lime, salt and chillies 🙂  The freshness of a kosambari is unexplainable. The flavors work amazingly well together – the light crunch of the veggies, the tanginess of lime, the sweetness of coconut and the spicy chillies. Absolutely amazing!


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Southekayi hasi sasive (Cucumber in a coconut-mustard sauce)

Lately, I have been posting a lot of Traditional Indian recipes that are quite healthy actually. The reason I am emphasizing on those right now is two fold. Firstly, a lot of these dishes are unknown primarily because of lack of publicity. These recipes are so simple and yet taste unique. So instead of opting for heavy, fancy restaurant style curries to change things up at your dinner table, try out these simple classy dishes that are absolutely delicious, healthy and quick to put together. However, I will continue to post with different grains and twists! And the experimentation will still continue 🙂 The second reason I am posting these recipes is that when I think of healthy comfort food, I am immediately reminded of this food. It is easy to relate to! So those are my two reasons 🙂 And now if you are looking for a classic route to healthier eating, then stay tuned!

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Bell Pepper and Cucumber Salad (Tangy cumin-lime dressing)

For a really long time I never liked salads 🙂 It was not that I hated salads, it was more like I wouldn’t try a salad unless it was practically the only thing available at some restaurant! (And that never happened 😉 ) The first time that I really thought about trying salad was when I was browsing through Pinterest. What grabbed my attention was not so much the recipe as the pictures! I am not sure if you would believe me if I said that I was drooling at salad pictures! Even now, after I have become an ardent fan of salads, the most appealing part of any salad is the wonderful colors and texture!